25 August 2011

Pale Shades of Eco

Here is a quick and easy eco style table setting that not only looks great but is also kind and thoughtful to the environment.

Queen Anne's Lace
White Ranunculus
Pieris white
Foliage - your choice {what's growing in your garden?}

Used jars
Roll of natural string
Sprigs of rosemary {approx. 15cm each}                                                                
Natural linen napkins                                                                          
White plates                                                                                            
Cutlery & wine glasses {to suit your menu}

Little extra {style}
Jiffy pots
Small fresh rosemary plants

Enjoy entertaining eco style!

Old jars make fantastic vases down the centre of any table.
Collect them from second hand stores or save your used jars from the kitchen.

Eco style is perfect for that 'just picked out of the garden' look.
Fill jars with beautiful blooms and foliage.
Use a few different varieties of foliage to create texture -
I love the combination of Queen Anne's Lace, ranunculus, pieris and olive leaf.

Natural string is a big favorite of mine!
Use it to tie a sprig of rosemary around your napkin.

To add a garden feel to your table setting pot herbs in jiffy pots
and let guests take them home to plant in their own gardens.
These pots are super cool, they look natural and you can plant them
straight into the ground as they disintegrate over time.
(Jiffy pot - 100% biodegradable made from peat moss and wood fibre.)

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